The Emotionise Process software

We have witnessed how The Emotionise Process helps our clients to create emotionally engaging content that delivers results. Now we’re digitising and scaling to offer The Emotionise Process software to thousands of users.

Main Features

Increases Sales

Our AB Testing of The Emotionise Process revealed participating companies witnessed a subsequent increase of a minimum 20% in sales after applying our content tool tips

Advanced AI

The AI content creation sector is about to explode. The Emotionise Artificial Intelligence is unique because it’s learning from Marie Toft’s decades of content creation and psychology training.

Targeted Audience

Our innovative software offers a step by step process which empowers users to target exactly who their audience is, their concerns, desires and emotions

Better Content

From blogs to social media posts, emails to pitches, The Emotionise software empowers you to create better written content that gets results.

Not only that, our software will emotionise existing content.

We target the power of your audience’s Emotions and we keep the Human in the Loop. Just think of all the marketing content which can be improved with The Emotionise Process! 

Our innovative software offers a step by step process which empowers users to:


Target exactly who their audience is


Target their audience’s concerns, desires and emotions


Offer users content ideas


Start that elusive first sentence for you


Provides relevant research and content tool tips to make your Product/Service a Must Have instead of a Nice to Have


Ensure your tone and style are always consistent and on target for your audience


Benefit from the massive database of Emotionise users’ insights and experience.

Do you want to be part of this innovative revolution and take the pain out of your content creation?

We’re launching The Emotionise Process software soon and we want you to be part of it. Please contact us below.