Recent Work

Nicola’s Story for Laya

Emotionise – Empathy with Struggle, Inspirational, Informative

The Challenge: To create a story for Laya that creates empathy amongst viewers and in the process informs customers and potential customers of the great benefits for mental wellbeing that Laya offer.

I was hired as a Story Telling Consultant to work with Laya on creating video that truly connects emotionally and informs people of the benefits of being a Laya customer. We held a workshop with the Customer Care Service team and what became clear was the passion they feel for helping people and staying on the line with them no matter how long they need to talk. We made the decision to feature them and the hope and inspiration they provide. I wanted the video to connect with anyone who had ever suffered from postnatal depression or who knew someone who had, so giving statistics on exactly how many women find themselves in this position achieved that. But ultimately it’s Nicola’s bravery – especially in returning to that very tough time through revisiting photos and talking about the impact on her little boy – that creates memorable story-telling and emotional connection. 

Fernhill Mythical Wedding

Emotionise – Romance/Joy/Uniqueness

The Challenge: To evoke an incredible sense of romance, magic and love to persuade couples of the uniqueness, heritage and sustainability that Fernhill House Hotel in Clonakilty offers as a wedding venue.

We’ve been nominated for a 2019 Digital Marketing Award for this Content Creation campaign. Fernhill recruited international award winning Garden Designer Mary Reynolds for their beautiful gardens and she used the Gaelic Myth of Diarmuid and Grainne as inspiration. Emotionise then created a romantic narrative around these two young lovers. With the increasing urgency of preserving our natural world, we evoked our ancestors’ respect for nature and created a love story set in the ancient woods of the estate. Our romantic story telling created a magical world and succeeded in showcasing all Fernhill offers as a wedding venue – the blessing area, the romantic marquee and their beautiful ball room. 

Fernhill House Hotel & Gardens

Emotionise – Pride in our Past/Sense of Luxury/Family Warmth

The Challenge: To focus on Fernhill House’s fascinating history while emphasising its luxury and warm family service.

Fernhill House Hotel and Gardens in Clonakilty have a wonderful story that has never been truly told. It’s the oldest Georgian House in Clonakilty. But we went even further back to our ancient past, since it’s said Diarmuid of the Gaelic Myth, Diarmuid and Grainne, is buried in the area. Luxury, beautiful gardens, and sustainability were also important to the client and pride of place is their warm family service that goes back several generations and for which they’re renowned.

Alcon Recruitment 

Emotionise – Inspiration/Warmth/Fun

The Challenge: To persuade young graduates that Alcon is an innovative and inspiring career choice.

Alcon is the largest eyecare company in the world and its Cork plant employs over 500 people. We worked with its Leadership Team to create 3 videos – Recruitment, Employee Engagement and to showcase Cork to Alcon HQ in Texas. Alcon wanted to target the emotions of inspiration, innovation, fun and security to persuade the best graduates to come and work with them.


Sheenco Travel Recruitment 

Emotionise – New Beginnings/Excitement/Warmth

The Challenge: To emotionise the excitement of creating memories for American visitors and the fun and support of joining a warm, inclusive team.

Sheenco Travel specialise in luxury holidays to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. They wanted a video to help recruit agents in America to sell their highly personalised trips. So we needed to build excitement around promoting such life changing holidays. But we also wanted to reassure future employees that they are joining a cohesive and warm team that will support them.

Harmonics Futureproof Your Career

Emotionise – Fear/Control

The Challenge: To emotionise the concern around the future of Robots and AI

Harmonics Career Change consultants’ MD John Fitzgerald has just written a book outlining the threat posed by robotics and AI. So the emotions we needed to target were fear for the brave new world of work and then hope and a feeling of control that buying the book would produce.

RTE One’s Creedon’s Epic East 

Emotionise – Pride

The Challenge: To emotionise the biggest pre-historic road in Europe – the Corlea Trackway in Co Longford.

We wanted to evoke the spirit of our ancient Celtic ancestors when we filmed the largest pre-historic road in the whole of Europe. We identified the emotion of Pride and then re-created our mythical ancestors’ glorious Gaelic chariot ride across the Longford bogs to create a proud, emotional experience for RTE viewers.

RTE One’s Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way

Emotionise – Nostalgia/Poignancy

The Challenge: To emotionise the exodus from Ireland’s islands

Most content creators steer away from negative emotions but when we produced Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way, we wanted to highlight the exodus from Ireland’s islands to create nostalgia, poignancy and a wake up call. Powerful archive footage evoked a long ago Ireland and touched all of us who have been affected by emigration.

RTE One’s Creedon’s Shannon 

Emotionise – Awe and Wonder

The Challenge: To emotionise the connection with one of Europe’s foremost monastic sites

This is a wonderful example of how technology and 3D graphics can be used to recreate our ancient past and create an emotional connection. We worked with a Galway based company to create extraordinary graphics and restore Clonmacnoise to its glorious past.

RTE One’s Lidl’s The Taste of Success 

Emotionise – Pride and Excitement

The Challenge: To emotionise the pride of Ireland’s fledgling food producers

We worked with Lidl to develop the series format The Taste of Success. Lidl’s goal was to show its customers it was investing in Irish food producers. So we created a dynamic food competition with an incredible €100,000 prize. Irish audiences rallied behind the two finalists as we created a tense, dramatic finale to reveal the ultimate winner.

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