Our Process

The Emotionise Process Workshop provides you with all the insights and tools you need to understand your audience’s concerns, desires and emotions and then create emotionally engaging content that delivers. 

In the last five years neuroscience has made significant advances into how customers/clients/employees make decisions based on how they feel. It’s now been proven that emotion is a key driver of memory.

Discovering how to emotionise will put you ahead of your competitors and ensure you remain connected and truly engaged with your customers, clients or employees.

The Emotionise Process is a unique combination of Marie Toft’s award winning work as an executive TV producer and her psychology studies with UCC. From GDPR lawyers to craft beer producers, there isn’t a product or service that does not benefit from our insightful and stimulating workshops.

Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing but generates 3 times as many leads. As consumers block, ignore or pay to avoid advertisements, emotionising content has never been more vital.

Brands and Business that fail to connect will surrender to those who have discovered the secret of emotional connection. Recent AB Testing revealed The Emotionise Process tool tips helped participating companies sales increase by 20%.

The Emotionise Process

The Emotionise Process is a targeted step by step process that targets your audience, targets their concerns, desires and emotions, incorporates SEO words and then offers you tool tips on structure and trends to help you create emotionally engaging content that delivers.

Find out everything you can about your target audience. What age are they? Where do they live? What education level have they achieved? What do they like? What other services and products are they attracted to? We help you ask the right questions to find out everything about your audience.

Why will your audience want your product or service? Or why will they want to come and work for you? What is their concern and their need? And how will they achieve their desires by engaging with you? Focus on your audience’s concerns and desires and show how they will be fulfilled.

How do you want your audience to feel when they engage with your content? It could be reassurance, confidence, pride or hope. Neuroscience has proven we remember content when we connect emotionally with it. Empathise with your audience and watch your content deliver outstanding results.

The Emotionise Process helps you write better content with our structure and content tool tips. We provide up to the minute research on the trends in your area, along with incorporating vital SEO words that will make your product or service a Must Have.

We have taken over 100 clients through The Emotionise Process to deliver outstanding results. From our workshops, to our content creation to our cutting edge software, call us now to discover how The Emotionise Process can work for you.

You know your message better than anyone else. The Emotionise Process is about making sure we empower you to find the best way of telling it.