Our Process

In the last five years, neuroscience has made significant advances into how customers/clients/employees make decisions based on how they feel. It has now been proven that emotion is a key driver of memory.

When we engage with content emotionally, it is encoded into our long-term memory. So the more powerful and engaging the emotional content is, the more likely the audience is to remember and most importantly, identify with it.

Discovering how to emotionise will put you ahead of your competitors and ensure you remain connected and truly engaged with your customers, clients or employees.

As consumers block, ignore and pay to avoid advertisements, emotionalising content has never been more vital.

Creating an emotional connection builds trust and moves people to action.

Brands and businesses that fail to connect will surrender to those who have discovered the secret of emotional connection.

The Emotionise Process

The Emotionise Process is very focused. We bring you through our unique Five Step Process that takes away all the uncertainty and allows you to create content that gets results.

We target 3 things

Audience – What age are they? Where do they live? What do they like? What other services, products are they attracted to? Use Big Data and find out as much about your audience as possible.

Need – Why will your audience want your product or service? Or why would they want to come and work for you? What is their pain? What is their need? Find your audience’s need and keep it at the top of your list.

Action – What action do you want your audience to take? It could be to buy, to click or to change someone’s behaviour. Your content needs to motivate people to take that action.

How do you want people to feel when they watch your content? It could be humour, fear, hope, pride, or nostalgia. The list is endless. But neuroscience shows we remember something when we connect emotionally with it. So emotionise and create memorable content.

Brainstorming to find your story is your chance to be creative and take risks.

Whenever we start the brainstorm, we’re always amazed at the wonderful stories companies have right in front of them that they never even realised. 

Find your voice and be authentic and you will create emotional content that connects.

Script and Casting are where everything comes together.

Look again and again at your script to ensure all your targets and that all important emotion you have identified are constantly present.

Casting is vital. You could have the best story ever but if we don’t identify the best people or the best way to tell it, it’s not going to have any impact.

This is where the magic happens. All your hard work is put into the hands of our award winning team to create alchemy. Wonderful images, subtle editing and the right soundtrack will ensure emotionally satisfying content that motivates the action you want your audience to take.

You know your message better than anyone else. The Emotionise Process is about making sure we empower you to find the best way of telling it.

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