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Unlock the secrets of memorable content with Emotionise

In less than two years 80% of content your audience engages with will be video. At Emotionise, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they understand why the neuroscience of emotion makes content memorable. We can work with you to find the emotion in your stories and learn how those stories create communications that engage your audience in a deeply personal way.

Video content creation

When it comes to video story telling, our experienced team will deliver exceptional content for your organisation. Our process starts by documenting your target audience and defining their need. Through a series of workshops we work with you to identify what the target action required is – a purchase, a click, a change in behaviour. Once the desired outcome has been defined, the storytelling begins. We examine the emotions that can be evoked in order to make your content memorable. With the groundwork done the brainstorming sessions with staff always produce unexpected ideas and wonderful stories that underpin the services and products in every company and organisation.

Our video production team have decades of experience delivering the highest quality broadcast video for public and private clients including our national broadcaster RTÉ.

In-house training and content planning

Our in-house video training and planning programmes can leverage the skills and resources you already have to deliver the best results and make the most of your in-house capability. Our customised approach means that we can work with clients to build internal capability from scratch or to ensure that existing staff have the right skills, procedures and approaches to deliver the marketing and sales video content your organisation needs.

Find out how your content can reach

To find out more about how your video content can connect emotionally, build trust and move people to action contact Marie now to find out how we can work with you.




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